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How good is your pension?
Do you know how well your pension is performing?
Do you know there are alternative types of pension?
Do you know if yours is ethical and can it offer guaranteed returns?
Welcome to My Pension Reviewed, where we help you find your way through
the pension maze.
We’ll speak to you in plain English about what you options are. You’ll be given an assessment of how your pension is performing and information on how you might enjoy better returns.
Why act now?
Nationally some pension funds are dropping so it makes perfect sense to make sure your future plans are in the right hands.
The latest figures suggest that around 70% of people are being over charged on pension funds. No surprise then that there is growing concern about the charges made by pensions firms that many of us simply aren’t aware of. This concern has been highlighted by MPs who are calling on the Government to take action.
You have the power in your hands to do something about this situation now. The first step is to ask an expert to review your pension, and then you’ll be in a better place to assess your options.
Contact us now to start your free pension review on 0800 612 5426. Or complete our simple online application today.
“I have had 2 pension plans since I started working life, but didn’t have a clue how they were preforming or whether mine were competitive. Thanks to My Pension Reviewed checking charges on them I now know that both my pensions are in good hands, plus they even gave information on how much I could have if I chose to invest in a higher risk pension fund."

Miss Robinson-Wood
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